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What Qualities Should I Look For In An Estate Planning Attorney?

When looking for an estate planning attorney, you should look for one who only practices estate planning. If estate planning is just a small part of what they do, then they won’t be able to focus exclusively on the type of case you’ve brought them. You should also look for an attorney who has enough office support to take care of you and respond to your questions in a timely manner. It is very important that you find an attorney who will help you fund the trust. You want to find someone who is willing to speak with the banker or even accompany you to the bank in order to ensure that your bank account is put into the trust. If you don’t get your trust funded, then the whole thing will essentially be useless, so this is perhaps the most important aspect of estate planning.

You should also look for a firm that uses cutting-edge software to draft trusts. Don’t be hesitant to ask what type of software they use and to request a copy of it. A trust should be well laid out and organized. It should have a table of contents, be easy to read, and use as much plain English as possible. It should not be a complex document of jumbled legalese that you cannot understand. You’re going to want some sort of a satisfaction guarantee so that if you’re not happy with the end product, you have a way of getting your money back.

Depending on your circumstances, you might consider asking your attorney the crucial question of what happens if you have to go to a nursing home. Your attorney should be able to open the trust and show you exactly how your money would be spent under those circumstances, as well as tell you whether you could qualify for public benefits, whether you would have to exhaust all of your resources, and whether your spouse would be impoverished.

What Makes You And Your Firm Particularly Suited To Handle Estate Planning Cases?

Our focus is solely on estate planning. We make sure that we fund trusts, and will ensure that an attorney accompanies you to your bank if necessary. We will always make sure that you understand what you’re signing. You will not have a one-night-stand with us; you’ll have a long-term relationship and we will anticipate seeing you over the course of several years. We want you to feel comfortable with us and understand how the plan will impact you, your spouse, and your family. We will also address issues surrounding incapacity, public benefits, and the benefits that will be received by your children.

Additional Information On Estate Planning Cases In California

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of funding and creditor protection for beneficiaries. These components are all-too-often overlooked in estate planning. Most people really don’t have a clue when it comes to asset protection for their children or the process of properly and completely funding their trust; at our firm, we will prioritize these crucial aspects of estate planning to ensure that you receive the best outcome.

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