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Fortify Your Estate From A Health Care Crisis:

Seniors who are getting older often like to implement an Estate Plan that includes Asset Protection to guard against possible major health care espenses. By implementing an Asset Protection Plan today, before you need it, you have the peace of mind knowing you are protected. If you or a spouse fall ill, your loved ones will spend the energy focused on you and your care. You will not need to worry about your finances and how to pay for the care. Your spouse will not need to worry about becoming impoverished just to take care of you. Schedule a consultation to learn how to protect your spouse, your family, and your quality of life.

Protect Your Legacy You Leave Your Children:

You want to protect your children. If your offspring are anything like mine, they occasionally do dumb stuff. You have the opportunity, in your Will or Trust, to design an Asset Protection System for your children. You can make sure your legacy is there when your children need it. Your legacy, behind the protective walls of an Asset Protection Trust, enables your children to fend off attacks by creditors, divorcing spouses, bankruptcy court, and others who are looking to take your legacy from your children.

Make Sure Your Children Don’t LOSE Your IRA Or 401(K) In A Bankruptcy Or Divorce

When you children inherit your IRA or 401(k), your hard earned money is available to your children and their creditors. This means that if a child who inherits your IRA or 401(k) gets a divorce or goes through bankruptcy, the remaining balance of the account will be available to the soon to be ex-in-law or to a creditor. Let us help show you strategies to fortify your IRA and 401(k). This will help ensure the legacy you leave will continue to grow, tax deferred, for years and years to come.

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